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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Dublin/Ireland
DATE-Sighting : Feb. Fri 13/98
TIME-Sighting : 12:20am
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
A bright object moved quickly across the sky 
above Trinity College Dublin.  It was orange 
and about the size of three Jupiters as viewed 
by the naked eye.  It was roughly triangular 
in shape, with soft corners and a slight 
indentation in its 'back'(although it was 
rather hard to see - it was a little fuzzy 
around its edges).  It made absolutely no 
sound as it crossed the sky.  It crossed the 
sky in about eight seconds which seems rather 
fast.  About a third of the way across the sky 
it abruptly stopped, went in exactly the 
opposite direction for about two seconds, 
stopped again and continued in its original 
direction.  It hardly appeared to slow down at 
all before each stop and change of direction, 
and to my knowledge no plane can do that.  It 
was definitely giving off light rather than 
reflecting it.  There was at least one other 
eyewitness who made the same report.
I swear that what I have just written is the 
truth and the events took place exactly as I 
have described.
Charles d'Adhemar

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