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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, November 14, 1997 at 02:41:22
name: Adrian L.
location: El Paso, Texas, Hueco Tanks Park
date: Sept 27,1997
time: 1:30 AM

sighting: Well, on the 27th of this past September I and my girlfriend decided that we wanted to to take a drive out towards Hueco Tanks national park just outside of El Paso. We found a place to park along side the road. After sometime looking at the stars we decided to get in my truck due to the cold wind. At some point I was looking out my back window when I noticed what looked like a large bright star. However, as I got to looking at it more I realized that the star was moving. I looked longer at it, then noticed that it had changed colors. I asked my companion if she could see it. She looked for sometime. I asked her if she noticed that the "light" moved and changed color. She didn't answer at frist. She took a longer look at it and realized as well that the light was indeed moving.

I stepped out of the truck to see if I could get a better look. The light looked mainly like a bright star in the sky. I can't say weather it was a craft or not, but it's movement was random and fluttering. I then noticed a second light behind the frist that was a bit dimmer but moved with the same randomness as the frist. I recall that the second light did change color as well, however; without the same frequncey as the frist.

It was plain to see that the objects were moving along on a horizontal path in the eastern horizion. As the lights blinked and fluttered and changed colors they seemed to be moving southward as well. Their shape or size did not change, but they did indeed move. When we frist noticed them they were more or less in the north eastern sky and when we left they were in the east.

Me and my girlfriend didn't stay long enough to see it the lights would anything more so we left them there. I am unsure of their size but I can say that they were above the mountain along the horizon. I think I can say that the lights were probably miles past the mountain as well because it cast no light on the ground below. As I said before they looked like moving stars to me.