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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:56:43 GMT
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Location: upper peninsula of michigan

Date: july l980

Time: 2:00 am

Sighting: At first I saw a falling star, and I thought it was beautiful, I
then thought how neat it would be to see a ufo a few miles afterward I saw
the most beautiful glowing large object appear before my eyes, I became
frightened put my sun viser down in my car I was afraid to look because I
was alone there was a car ahead of me and at one point I could see people
in the car and from the time I saw the object untill I looked at the
whearabouts of the car again the cars tail lights was all that I could see.
The object left as soon as it came and it followed me home and I was afraid
to get out of my car. It was a wonderful experience and I only wish someone
was with me so I would not have been afraid, maybe I would have observed it
more closely, Oh yea the next day on Paul Harvey he said that someone in
gladstone mi. reported a ufo sighting similiar to mine. There is definatly
something out there that is not of this world



UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World