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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, September 18, 1997 at 04:13:58
name: Alix
location: Somerset, OH
date: Oct. '91
time: 9:30 PM EST

sighting: While I have always been fascinated with extraordinary phenomena such as UFOs, paranormal activity, the occult, etc., I have an inherent ability to find logical explanations for most of the oddities I have witnessed in my lifetime. Hence, I might be considered a born skeptic. This particular episode however, has defied my logical mind and, in so doing, made me a believer that there must be something...

It was a cool, Indian-summer evening in the middle of October. A light, steady breeze was blowing, just enough to make the leaves rustle in the trees. My four younger cousins and I were out in the back field of my aunt's property, just along the edge of the woods. We had built a bonfire and were scattered around it, sitting on logs and talking amongst ourselves. What we were discussing at the time, I have long since forgotten. Suddenly, the breeze became gusty and I became aware of a low, not unpleasant humming noise coming from above us. Glancing up, I caught sight of something which I initially took to be a low-flying aircraft - it was a solid, dark shape with what appeared to be running lights. However, the longer I looked, the more I realized that this was not an ordinary aircraft. It was round, slightly oblong, and about 50 yards in diameter. The running lights were, in fact, evenly spaced along about a third of the craft and varied in color - and they blinked intermittenly. Still, I assumed it was some kind of Air Force plane (the Stealth was rumoured to be at the nearby Newark Air Force Base so...). Then it hit me - this thing was hovering above us, barely clearing the tree line and almost completely noiseless except for the low know, the kind of hum you might hear when you pass close to an electrical substation - similar to that. I turned and looked at my cousins. They were all standing, staring up into the sky, their faces mirroring my own confusion. After about 45 seconds, the craft moved on slowly over the woods, where we lost sight of it. I asked Scott, the oldest of my cousins at 15, what he thought we had just seen. He replied that he wasn't sure but he had never heard of anything flying that low without noise - a plane would have made more sound and a helicopter would not only have been noisy but, at that range, probably would have kicked up enough wind to scatter the bonfire. We decided to ask my uncle, who was retired from the armed forces and had had some experience with various military aircraft. His response was negative. When we questioned him as to the possibility of a Stealth fly-by, his answer was that no supersonic aircraft would have the ability to hover noiselessly - the engines were simply too big. Over the next week, we browsed library books, files and scientific magazines trying to come up with a logical explanation for what we'd seen that evening...and came up with not a single thing. In the years that have passed, there are many nights I have lain out in that same back field, searching the heavens, wondering, watching - and waiting...