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Subject: Form posted from Mozilla
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 15:52:37 -0900
From: Tom 
Date:=2 SEP 98
UFO=Sighting:While flying a private plane north of anchorage, I saw 
what I thought was a hot air balloon. I approached it and discovered 
it was a weather balloon, I was at 4000 feet and it appeared to be 
at 2000 feet. I flew past it and made a sharp turn towards it. This 
is when all I know as normal changed, the oblect came up to park about 
50 feet from my port wingtip.
I was still at 4000 feet and in a 60% bank, with this object. I rolled 
level and it stayed there, after about five minutes and much talking 
to myself, tuned radio to hear Elmendorf afb. ATIS. The radio was ok, 
engine instruments ok. The object appeared to be about 12 feet high 
and 6 feet wide in the middle, the top and bottom were flat and about 
2 feet wide. the middle which was the widest part was about 2 feet high.  
The cone on top & bottom was a bright orange, the flat ban around the 
middle was dark brown/red. The bottom was flat and reminded me of 
highly polished aluminum with a bright light shinning on it. the top 
was flat and dark.  After much thought and many miles, I decided to 
attempt to crash into this object. If it was real, there would be 
evidence for others and if I flew thru it, I would quit flying & get a 
mental health checkout.  As I banked quickly as possible toward it, it 
went over & in front of me to park off my starboard wingtip.
It stayed there as I made several 360 turns. I then leveled out. after 
a few minutes it zoomed to about 500 feet in front of the plane, stayed 
in that position for a couple minutes more then, appeared to stop. as I 
rushed toward it at 120mph, it dove under me. after about 30 seconds it 
zoomed over my port wing and parked at my 10 oclock position, about 50 
feet out. After a couple of minutes, it zoomed straight ahead of me at 
about 500mph. I lost sight of it due to distance & size.  there was no 
turbulance and it was a very calm no wind day.  This left me very upset, 
after about three days I got over the jitters, and now two months later 
it seems like it didn't happen at all.  I checked with the palmer fss 
as to a baloon launch that morning, but was told there was not one.
I had hope of a radar track, but was told the USAF ROAC could not pull 
the record for that day due to new software upgrade.   I don't know, 
maybe my mind slipped.


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