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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Friday, March 20, 1998 at 20:00:24

location: San Antonio Texas
date: May 1979
time: dusk
       It was late spring, 1979.  My family 
and I were gardening in our backyard when I 
looked up to the dusky sky.  I noticed what 
appeared to be a falling star, and watched it.  
It moved through the sky, and then (unlike 
meteors) it stopped and hovered. It was just 
a pin point of light. I told my family and 
they all looked up.  Then, another point of 
light in the same vicinity as the first began 
to move across the night sky.  We watched for 
about 2 hours as 12-15 of these objects traced 
their paths in the night sky.  We called the 
local police department, and they said that it 
was probably an airplane.  The objects made no 
noise and were very high up in the sky. 
The incident passed, and we had no explanations.  
Later that summer my Mother was talking to a 
friend of ours (A Lutheran minister) who lived 
in Wisconsin.  He said that on that same night, 
he saw the exact same thing. He was 
approximately 1700 miles away.