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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : new albany, indiana
DATE-Sighting : 4/26/98
TIME-Sighting : 9:00 pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
group of five objects, silent with little movement.  
disk shaped, tiltled on it's side.  observed red and 
green colored lights.  there was a lot of cloud cover 
and impending rain, therefore i would lose sight of 
them periodically as the clouds passed.  my 11 year 
old son witnessed them initially and then pointed 
them out to me.  i had several family extended family 
members observe with binoculars from their homes and 
they also witnessed what we did.  i contacted 
Louisville International Airport twice to see if the 
control tower had anything on radar, which they did 
not.  they did however, confirm that there was no 
airliner or other air traffic noted at the times that 
we spoke.  i continued to observe the objects for two 
hours until i retired for the evening.  i am not a 
follower of this type of issue, yet found myself very 
disturbed by what i observed, as did my son.  by 
posting this observation, i am anxious to see if 
anyone else in this region of the u.s. witnessed 
anything of this nature.   

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