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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 05:42:22 GMT
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Name: Charles

Location: Armagosa Nevada

Date: June 28, 1999

Time: 6:45 PM

Sighting: I was setting up camp at a local RV campground and getting the
Bar-B-Q ready while my wife was inside preparing the rest of the meal.
The weather was pleasant and the sky was clear. The sun was setting
over the horizon providing the last remnants to a pink sky and the
stars were coming out. I heard a faint jet engine sound aproaching from
the south. The sound of the engines were jet like but they also had a
throbbing quality. I looked in the direction of the sound as it was
getting closer. I saw it right away as it was very big and slow moving,
it was moving right toward us about 500 ft. high. My first impression
was that it was a military air refuling operation as I could see the
recognition lights. But then it dawned on me that I could not see any
wings and it was flying to low and slow!
It was beginning to come into full view and I could see the shape, It
wasent an airplane, flying saucer or anything else I had seen or heard
about. It was rectangilar, like a deck of cards!

I yelled at my wife to get out here quick, there's something in the sky!
She tried to get out the door as I was going in to get the binoculars.
Being the gentleman I am, I let her out and I got the binoculars after
she was out. I heard her say it's a flyng shoe box while I was still

When I got back outside it was nearly directly overhead. I could study
the lower surface with the binoculars, but I still could'nt figure out
what it was. With the bunoculars it filled the whole viewing image.

I watched it for 15 minutes with and without the binoculars as it flew
to the North over the horizon, (I said it was slow).

I noticed other aircraft (2 or 3) in the sky much higher seemingly in
escort. (I feel they were single engine F-16s other than twin engine
F-15 or F-18s) They could not fly as slow as the shoe box and wo


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