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UFO Formation

Report from: Jim
Location: Artesia New Mexico

It was about October 1995 around 1010 PM I was just about to get into my car to go to work. I looked up in the night sky and observed what looked like a formation of flying 'stars'. There were about 12 small white round lights. They flew in a 'V' formation, one row in the front and another row directly behind the first. These objects crossed the sky very rapidly in kind of a skipping fashion. What was very strange was when a few of the trailing white dots would seem to fall out of formation then they would very quickly zip back into formation.

P.S. I have had people tell me they were probably ducks. After thinking about this awhile I will have to say absolutly not. These 'dots' were much to high and traveled at a speed that no duck flock could ever aproach not to mention any conventional aircraft. I have seen at night duck and geese formations. The last formation of geese I observed, I could easily tell what they were and could also hear them (that is what drew my attention in the first place). The underside of the geese do reflect light but I was easily able to tell the difference between them and the truly unknown (UFOs!). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------