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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 21:11:17
location: Auckland, New Zealand
date: 30 June 1997
time: 01:30 AM

sighting: Sighting: I was up late watching TV when I heard the cat scratching at the back door. I then got up of the couch to let it in. I took a walk out onto the back deck and gazed out westward. I don't know much about UFOs but what I saw was not natural or man made at least it possibly couldn't. What I saw appeared to be a white speck, I thought at first it to be an aircraft, but before my eyes it blew up to be a huge glowing red object and I froze staring at this stationary object which I predicted to be at least 30km away. I was so scared I ran inside and hesitated to observe it through the window. It was a clear, cool Winters night and this huge red object just sat there for about two minutes in the sky. It all of a sudden changed green and began to glow. It shrunk back down to a little white speck again which slowly dulled until it completely disappeared. It made no sound and I was totally freaked out. There were some reports over the radio about strange lights in the night by talk back callers. But their sightings were about two hours before mine. It was totally weird and made me wonder what had caused it and if there is really an advanced being out beyond the stars............maybe another planet like Earth.