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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, January 1, 1997 at 12:40:10
location: Waikiki, South suburb of Perth
date: Nov 96
time: about 9pm (??)

sighting: I didn't actually see this one, but I will tell you anyway since you do appreciate Australian Cases on your web page. This incident was witnessed by several people living in the outer fringes of a Perth southernmost suburb. I remembered the date to be on Saturday 09th Novemeber since it was my birthday on the following Thusday, 14th November. (Incidently, I have able to recall that date just then).
Their was two small, slow moving orangy lights heading North towards the city. From the local newspaper story, the lights seemed to be very close together - silent, and moving too slowly for an aeroplane. Balloons and helicopters were dismssed because there was no noise and the two separated and changed into different directions to another northerly direction, then they disappeared, so they weren't affected by winds as balloons would have travelled in the same direction.
It was the police which explained the balloon part, but witnesses disagree. A person also said that radio controlled stuff could have been played but I think to dissappear into the night (pres. at high altitude) is a bit hard to do unless it was the Air traffic - which (I recall) denied movement at that time and place.