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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Sunday, March 22, 1998 at 03:45:18

location: Baraboo/Wisconsin
date: 03/07/98
time: 04:00 a.m.
sighting: My brother reports to me that 
there is a u.f.o. that has been visiting 
Baraboo Wisconsin just above the bluff's.  
It has been appearing every day around the 
same time in the early a.m. and then when 
the sun starts to come up, it slowly rises 
to the clouds and then darts off to an 
unknown location at incredible speeds.  
It is a cigar shaped u.f.o. and (from palm 
of hand to palm of hand) about 8 inches 
long as viewed from about 2 miles away.  
It is emiting bright white and red lights 
with no apparent landing gears or windows.  
It appears in the early a.m. "suddenly" 
around the same time every day and in the 
same place of the bluffs every day.  To his 
knowledge, it has not landed but comes 
every day around the same time and place.