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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:07:34 +0300 (GMT)
From: "bishr el touni" 
Date:=25april 98
Time:=22:00 local
UFO=Sighting: I was filming a documentary in the south of 
Egypt and to be exact on lake Nasser south of Aswan,the 
director wanted to film the sky at night as the stars 
were so beautiful.Filming a bright star and through the 
view finder of my video camera( professional sony betacam sp) 
I saw a flash like light on the top right of the viewfinder 
then it moved to the bottom right,I thought something was 
wrong with the camera,but then I gave the director a 
binoculars and asked her to look were I was shooting and  
after few minutes I saw  that flash of light again and she 
saw it through the binoculars as well and I was rolling.
When the time came to see the video tape there was no sign 
of the light flash!!I know it was not an aircraft or a 


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