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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 07:09:20 GMT
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Kathy
Location: Round Rock,Tx
Date_of_Sighting: Jan. 1, 1999
Time_of_Sighting: around 9:00Pm
My son 11 and my daughter 17 and I were about 2 blocks from
our home in a subdivision and we were heading north. When my
son and I saw a horitontal string of extreamly bright lights
about 1/3 mi in front of us . I at first thought a huge
airliner was about to crash and was heading straigt for us.
As I said outloud"What the hell" my son dove down on the floor
board in fear and asked me what was that thing. My daughter in
the back seat couldn't see it. It happened so fast and then it
was gone. It appeared to be a string of maybe 20 lights in a
horizontal pattern and my son said he thought it was an oval
with the lights at the ends of the line appearing to be going
around a curved surface. It was strange and I don't care to
ever see it again

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