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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 06:46:00 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: steve
Location: arkansas
Date_of_Sighting: 10499
Time_of_Sighting: 1206am
me and a friend went to bonita lake area,and camped a few days.
we were looking for gold, way up on a maintain on a 4x4 road.
the first night there,we went to go to sleep, probly around
8 oclock or so.we were just zipping up our sleeping bags when
we heard a strang noise. it wasnt a constant sound, we heard it
about every three or four seconds for about ten was
not any sound ive heard before.we coulndt decide if it was
sombody peeling out,or a high pithched dog barking. we ruled
both of those out when the sound seemed like it was within
50 yards of was definitly a mechanical type of sound
immposible to explain. the sound went from what seemed like a
mile or so away, to within 50 yards of us in about three
secounds.l was as scared as ive ever been in my entire life.
the sound was hurting my ears. my friend stood still the whole
time just staring into the dark woods ,we thought we were dead
the sound quit all of a sudden.we sat up for an hour or so
shakeing from the ultimate fright of our lives.we decided to
try and go to sleep. we layed down ,my freind decided to go
out and take a leak. he yelled from behind the tent, then
quikly came back inside. he told me he saw some type of a
light in the woods,then he said it disapired in the sky, he
said thy only way to descibe it was a sphere of light. i
thought he might of been kidding around.i dont know for sure.
around dawn 3 fighter jets flew right over our camp twice,
then we never seen them again. roswell air force base was about
60 miles from us, so that might of been usual.when we decided
to go to town that next day, his truck wouldnt start. the engine
woudnt turn over. a brand new full size chevy pu4x4.we didnt
know why it wouldnt start.we were scared again. we poped the
hood, every single fuse in his truck was severly melted, all the
fuses under the dash, and uder the hood. we had to walk to the
main road, about 8 miles and get help.we got the fuses, got the
truck out of the moutains.every thing seemed ok exept the stereo
was totally fried. i dont know what happend that night, but l
know l beleive!

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