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Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 02:18:41 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: Dave and Martha J.
Location: Ontario
Date_of_Sighting: Wed,May 24th,2000
Time_of_Sighting: approx.9:30 pm
Me,Dave,has had two sightings.In 1998 or 1999,I was having
spending the night at my bud's house,outside in a tent in 
his backyard.We were chatting and I then opened the tent 
and stuck out my head grab some fresh air.I looked up in 
the sky,suddenly seeing a strange rectangular shape ringed 
with red or green lights.Smaller flashing white lights were 
zipping around it like bees buzzing around your face.I
thought it was an optical illusion until I noticed more
strange lights.I saw a oval,or kidney-shaped one,with
red lights,and another shape sort of like two pie plates
jammed together.On the bottom of it were glowing white 
lights,all rectangular.You would have to look real hard
to see these,because they were small and zipping around
at speeds no airplane could endure.
A few years later,actually this very night,me and my sister,
Martha,were enjoying ourselves outside on the deck of our 
house having some refreshing drinks while we began talking
about UFOs.I explained to her that you can actually probably
see them very often if you look hard enough,and watch for
bright,or dim flickering lights that are white,red,or green,
more bright and colourful then plane lights.
Thus we began searching the night sky for UFOs.It wasn't too
long before Martha caught sight of an extremely bright light 
moving very slowly through the sky,and around it was the 
outline of a circle.This was a type of UFO I had not spotted
before,and I was almost hysterical.I then spotted the exact
same buzzing,flickering lights I had seen in my other encounter 
with these objects moving very rapidly around
the larger light.We kept watch on this for awhile,but then
after we had gazed deeply into the sky following it's course,I 
spotted another one about to intercept the first
object.It was smaller than the large,round light,but bigger
than the tiny flickering ones,moving fairly fast across the
night sky,flashing on and off.It appeared to be much more
hard to follow,it was so fast,and kept dissapearing beneath
the treeline,then popping up and doing zig-zags.By now my
sister was thrilled,and before I could react to the new light 
I spotted yet another two.Yes,two.They were both fairly 
slow-moving and glowing red in the center,and were
very large and shaped in a circle or sphere.At that moment,
the first light we had spotted stopped dead in the air,then 
suddenly turned and started moving in the opposite direction,on 
an intercept course with all the other new
lights.The small buzzing lights also turned.
Soon after we went in,shocked,and searched for UFO descriptions 
on the internet that were similar,or identical
to our own.After searching for a few minutes,we had already 
discovered some shocking imformation.You probably know about
Travis Walton,that guy was abducted by aliens in 1975,and
was found almost a week later at a gas station.One of the
vivid paintings that he created with the help of artists,was
a spaceship identical to the one of the ones that I had
spotted in my firsty sighting,the round,chrome one with
rectangular white lights ringed around it's side.
After this we wrote this letter.
Sincerely,Dave and Martha


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