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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 07:03:04

location: between Burns and Burns Junction

date: 1997

time: 8:00-8:30

sighting: My fiance and I drive an 18 wheeler 
and in 1997 we had delivered a load in Portland 
Ore. We didn't have another load for a few days 
so we stayed in a motel waiting around for 
something to come up. I can't remember the exact 
day or month but it was one Portland had high 
winds up to 115 mph. and the same day a man 
killed a young mother and took her little girl 
hostage which police later killed. We were well 
rested when we got our next load out of Portland 
heading to New Jersey. We stopped at a small dinner 
later around 6 pm. til around 7 or 7:30.The sky 
was very clear and the road was Hwy. 78 between 
Burns and Burns Junction and very little traffic 
at all.I was looking at the stars as I usually do 
for lack of anthing else to do when I am not 
driving. I asked my fiance to look at the bright 
star to my rigjht, no sooner than I had said that 
he told me "that's no star," it's moving. We both 
watched intensly and it startrd to the front of 
us,now flashing red and white lights. It then 
proceded to go to his side (drivers side) and then 
to the back of the trailer on his side and stayed 
there for quite sometime and then disappeared.We 
both were in amazement and kinda getting settled 
again when we saw the same lights coming down and 
land in the middle of the road in front of us a few 
miles ahead. I asked him if there might be a small 
town ahead or maybe some construction and he said 
no! very absolutly.I asked him to go faster but we 
were very heavy and going through Sheeps Head Mtns. 
He said he wasn't stopping for anything if it was 
still there but as we approached it dispeared. 
Finally we saw a car or two coming down the road so 
I felt like we were getting closer to coming out of 
the twillite zone. Being the chicken I am I asked 
him to stop at the next town we came to and wait 
until the next day to go on. The town was Mc Dermit,
Nev. We got out and both decided to keep this to 
ourselves for fear of what people might say. But when 
he went to the rest room I asked the girl behind the 
counter if she had or if she had heard of anyone 
seeing something strange out there,and she just 
looked at me kind of funny and said no, only to turn 
around and say what did you see? I just decided to 
keep quite, It was so dark that night out there no 
other vehicles,no houses ,nothing but I know that 
what we saw was shaped like the UFOS that have been 
reported by others.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}