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Saw a ?ufo? over Carmel Valley, CA at 7pm, 3/4/99
Friday, 05-Mar-99 00:00:48

Message: writes:

I saw a UFO, I guess, over Carmel Valley, CA, tonight at 7pm. It
started as what appeared to be a jet coming in
from the west, originating off the Pacific coast, low in the sky,
arcing upward. It had distinct contrail-like gases
coming out the rear, and a light shone in front,as with any jet
at night. After observing it for 5 minutes, I noticed the
"trail" had a unique bend in it, which I thought odd for a jet.
Suddenly, the trail turned very bright, like the tail of a
comet. I pulled off the road to observe it. As I did, the
"spotlight" on the front of the craft turned toward me, at
approximately 90 degrees from the direction it had been
travelling. At this point I still thought I was seeing an aircraft,
and assumed this was a searchlight. But the beam of the light
began to fan out in a conical shape, getting brighter, and
appeared to be shining through fog, even though the sky was
perfectly crystal clear. At this point the object, or light,
was no longer moving, but remained stationary in the sky. Then
suddenly a bright flash of light occurred, and
whatever was causing the light disappeared, leaving a rainbow
luminescent cloud of gas. The cloud actually remained
suspended in the air for 15 minutes, gradually fading in
brightness, but maintaining the rainbow colors the entire time.

Another car stopped at exactly the same time as mine, and a woman
and I observed this together, in absolute awe.
As we waited, watching the cloud of colored gas fade, suddenly
another light appeared in the sky, several miles to
the south, heading in a southerly direction. It was exactly the
same conical-shaped light as we'd seen previously,
moving south. There was no visible "trail" behind it this time.
We watched it disappear over the horizon, the beam of
light still shining as we lost sight of it. By this time, the
colored cloud was barely visible, and gradually faded out.

We waited 5 more minutes to see if another "event" would occur,
but that was it.

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