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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 22:05:48 -0700 (MST)

Location:=plattsburgh NY
It was in November I believe of 1995 my 3 year old son and I were driving
to town.To the left out my sons window we could see the moon.My son asked
me what that light was and I told him it was the moon and he said no mommy
those lights.As I looked to the left out his window and automatically
pulled my car over.I saw small star like lights that were rotating around
each other and moving slowly to the left.I was amazed!I did not stay to
see if they disapeared or not but still to this day I wish I would have.
when I returned home and told my sons dad he thought I was crazy so
needless to say I never reported what we saw. Across the road from where
we saw the lights was a church and all I could think of at the time was
angels I know it sounds silly but still today I think of it being angels.
If anyone has seen anything like this I would like to hear about your
sighting.You can Email me at I look forward to hearing
about the same type sighting.

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