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Subject: ufo

wow, new to the net and forever exploring. 
ran accross your ufo sighting story. I 
live in texas now but grew up in the 
worcester area. I too had an experience 
approx. 20 years ago and also remember it 
like yesterday. A friend and I were 
returning to worcester from princeton. We 
were traveling along fine, the next thing 
I remember was waking up, picking my head 
up from the steering wheel. I saw massive 
fog everywhere, I mean, you couldn't see 
3 feet in front of you. I felt as if I 
were on the edge of a cliff. It was then 
that I realized I had been abducted,
everything flashed back to me. Robin 
started waking up. when the fog cleared, 
I saw about 100 of those orange cone 
things all around my car. thinking I had 
lost my mind, I asked Robin to describe 
what she was seeing. she replied "oh, 
about 100 orange cone things". sanity 
partly restored, I asked  what I should 
do. she said to just drive thru them. I
had no idea what was to happen but I 
drove on. somehow we were in west boylson, 
near the jail. 2 hours were gone. I 
remember being on a "ship" but that is a 
whole different story. inocently enough, 
I started to tell friends about this...
needless to say, they all thought I was 
nuts. Robin would not back me up. I have 
not talked about this experience much
since. I was so damn adament that my 
parents finally believed that "something" 
happened. Hey, if you get this, 
please e-mail me back!
looking forward to hearing 
from you............mae

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World