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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Tuesday, January 6, 1998 at 09:13:04

location: Curlew Mountains, Co. Roscommon,
                Connacht, Ireland

date: May15 --1997

time: 3am

sighting: It happened at 3am on a May morning 
this year. There were a few campers camping out 
at the foot of the Curlew mounts. suddenly they 
were awoke by the sound of what seemed like an 
explosion, further up the mountain;in a wooded 
area.  Some campers said they heard a silent 
humming sound before the "bang". Some of them 
decided to go up to where they heard the noise. 
They thought that might have been a plane or 
helicopter after crashing, but when they reached 
the scene, they found that the tops wre burnt 
off the top of the trees there, and some had 
been knocked also. They found no aircraft or 
anything for that matter and was a mystery to 
them all. They reported this to the Gardai in a 
nearby village or town and the only routes into 
the camping area were sealed off , and even for 
six months after!!  IUFOPRA (Ireland UFO and 
Paramormal Research Association), came to have a 
look but were not allowed in. The people gaurding 
the area said nothing when asked what was going on 
and US Military jeeps were also driving in and 
around the area.  Reports by a lot of locals and 
otheres siad that there was Convert Military 
Operations being carried out. Also, and two huts 
were erected on part of the Mountain range, with 
a bunch of long antennes coming from them.  There 
was also some reported "unusual" sightings of UFO's 
by locals, before all this even happened. Weird!!    

IUFOPRA sent for a US UFO team to come in and probe 
the area, since they had better equipment.  They 
siad that they would have an update on th results of 
the probe at a Conference in Dublin,  Nov.2 1997--but 
I found nothing on it yet. Nobody knows what hit the 
mountain, but my guess was that it must have been a 
UFO. I will write back when know more myself.  You 
can find at bit more at the IUFOPRA website.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}