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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 02:44:38
name: Dave S.
location: Poughkeepsie,N.Y. USA
date: July 1984
time: 9:00 P.M.

sighting: As a friend and I drove down from the toll booth on the Highland side of the Mid-Hudson bridge, nothing out-of- the ordinary was in evidence, but when we rounded the left-hand turn, emerging from the blasted-rock channel that the road takes, and onto the bridge, THERE IT WAS! Immediately we both said, "holy shit!" An object which I later calculated to be about 1500-2000'+ was hovering silently just above the bridge span, brilliantly illuminated by thousands of lights. As we drove across the bridge, it remained in place, with one end over the West end of the bridge, and the other about 2/3s of the way across it. It was only a few hundred feet above our heads as we drove across the bridge, but nearly throughout the trip it was visible out ALL windows of the car simultaneously.
I couldn't see a solid surface on the object, but it's shape was clearly traced out by the myriad lights, many of which were rotating in unison, when viewed from underneath, and at rates of speed that varied abruptly over time. SOME lights appeared to be moving through space independently, suspended by nothing, which doesn't make any sense. They were primarily orange, yellow, green & blue in color. My friend was seriously terrified, muttering repeatedly,"I'm not stopping, I'm not STOPPING." I was a little frightened, but thoroughly enthralled and excited. Another smaller, light-covered object was floating in the air about 1/2 mile South of the bridge in the river channel at about our height. When we got over the bridge and to the top of the hill in Poughkeepsie, the main object was still in place where we had seen it.
I later called the MH Bridge authority, and they informed me that the bridge's length is about 3,000', hence my estimate (conservative) of the UFO's length. About 1500 people called various authorities to report this event, including police and doctors at Vassar hospital. Years later I read on the internet about a similar-sounding object invading the airspace of the Indian Point nuclear power plant in July of 1984, about 10:00PM, or possibly an hour after I saw it upriver some 35 miles. It should be noted that the top of the bridge stanchions with their aircraft beacons are in clear view directly in front of those driving down from the toll booth and only disappear from view for about 30 seconds (driving slowly). It is in that half minute that this massive object came out of nowhere and placed itself over the bridge. Viewed from afar, it had an unusual somewhat cigar shape, with a center hump, and 2 smaller humps on each end. I believe it may be similar to the object viewed on CNN in late 1996, attributed to South Korean TV, and to a UFO videotaped and analyzed by a video lab over Colorado in about 1995-6, and shown on the TV show Paranormal Borderline.
Many UFO events were witnessed in the 1980s in the Mid-Hudson region, and I saw something less spectacular on another occasion. One suggestion offered up was that people were seeing, "The Stormville Fliers," a group of Cessena owners supposedly flying at night in a chevron formation so as to spook residents. I saw something matching that description one night over Wallkill, N.Y., and it bore NO relation to the Mid-Hudson Bridge UFO or my other sighting over Hyde Park.

Thanks, and may all of your UFO sightings be peaceful.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}