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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:31:21 GMT
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Name: John

Location: Equatorial Guniea (West Africa)

Date: 27th March 1999

Time: 7:00pm Aprox

Sighting: About four people saw a strange object which was at first thought
to be an aircraft, but what it was doing was way beyond what an aircraft can
do. The object which was fairly bright was hovering out at sea went in some
circular motion then moved at great velocity to some other place. Motion
was consistent with aceleration and deceleration. It continued to move in a
coordinated fashion. All of us agreed it was no aircraft.
We spoke to some one later on who claimed he saw the same thing but for
about ten minuts. We saw it for about three minuts. We dont know what it is.



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