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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 09:14:27 -0400 (EDT)
Location:=Williamsburg KY
Time:=1030 pm
My wife,brother in law and myself saw a light in the sky
moving around very fast changing direction then hovering
it would get brite and then get dimer. it was pulseing
we got the camcorder and i started filming it, it was 
bounceing around in the sky and pulseing at the same time.
We saw an airplane go by and i got both in the picture
the strange light was bounceing and the airplane was steady
so i know it wasen't me shaking. After the airplane went by
the light started moving up and down and side to side very
fast like it got excited it moved very fast after the 
airplane then came back. we have two on film and about 6 or 
7 people saw one with us back on july 4 of this year in the
same area. If any one else saw anything on 10-9-98 please
E-mail me.


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