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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, September 4, 1997 at 15:08:23
name: Alistair Duffy
location: Crawford John, Scotland
date: 30/8/97
time: 2:30 - 5:50 am

sighting: Last week (30/8/97), my two friends and I went searching for a group of other friends(about three car loads) who were camping in the region of Crawford John in Scotland about 50 miles away from my home. Anyway, we were sort of lost and ended up in this farmers field on the outscirts of this little freaky village. One of my friends with me at the time, Martin, decided to venture into one of the farmer's fields to try and find the rest of our camping group but when he went away for over 20 minutes me and Robert got worried incase he had fallen or something. So we also decided to leave my car parked at the bottom of the fields at the roadside and go and look for Martin. Eventually we found him about 15 minutes later okay. He did not find the group of our friends. By now, the time is roughly 3:00 am on Saturday morning. It was very dark and as i glanced around to see if I could see any sign of our friends camping, i happened to glance up to the sky and amazingly see what i genuinly know to be UFO's. i.e. We could not identify them as anything we had ever seen or heard of before in our lives! By now we were all together in the middle of a field, wet and cold and staring at the mysterious three floating, bobbling and moving objects in the sky. I kept asking Martin and Robert if they too were seeing this extraudinary event and for sure, the were! None of us could believe what we were seing and we were all bloody well s!"£$ scared and did not know what to do. We watched as the UFO's were in a sort of triangle formation across the sky.
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We were watching them bobble and float and move for some time when they started to move off. By this time I was getting really worried!

As after about 5 minutes had passed and they had looked as if they had gone I had another glance at the skyline and spotted another(or one of the same ones as before) and noticed that it looked like a star but NO! it was no star as after a couple of seconds it shone a very bright light like nothing i have ever seen before and then proceeded to move rapidly across the sky smoothly. Another one appeared and it went from left to right and a red light beamed from its normal white colour and it appeared to go down and land further from our placement. We were really worried now and did not know what to make of it all but that was not to be the end of the sighting. ooh no, after the last event, i thought that nothing else could happen, after all it was all going on at once! But i was wrong, as only i can describe as a 'firework' effect, a ufo flashed on and off in a series of redish colours dotting in between the sky./That was also very frightning. The only other thing to happen was another ufo moving or rather what is looked like was teleporting across the sky as when i spotted it it was in one position but a blink of the eye and a second later it was way over the other side of the sky, and i mean we are talking a very large distance ideed! It seemed to be in one position the first second and then on the other side in the next second with a blink of the eye!!! Now, no matter what people have/may say about the ufo's there is no doubt at all in my mind about what i saw because planes, helicopters, fighters etc etc... cannot dream of doing the things that these ufo's were doing. Also i'd like to state that they were not actually shaped like flying saucers but more like the things i had recently seen on tv at home, those balls of light moving in the sky but these were more frightning and were doing more than just bobbing about. A very scary experience that can be backed up by both of my friends Martin and Robert who still refuse to believe what they saw were ufo's althought they know they seen something not on this earth!
I am still very uneasy about the whole situation and am proposing that we go back next week and try and capture video evidence or camera action of the events. I just hope that i am lucky enough to see this amazing ufo(s) plural..again! To have some evidence would be a piece of mind for me and my mates!
Just to let you know, i was a believer before this happened but i was not ready for what i witnessed. My other two friends did noty really believe strongly about ufo, alien, extra terrestrial activity but one thing is for sure; that we all know what we witnessed on that weekend that none of us will ever forget. I am just pleased to be able to have somewhere to report this to and to know there are others who believe and have seen them too. Thanks, Alistair Duffy...

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