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LOCATION : Fairbanks, AK
DATE     : Mar 27, 1998
TIME     : 11:00 pm.  

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
Hello my name is Michael Lantagne.  I'm an 
ordinary man like anyone else and I never 
thought this would happen to me.  It's been a 
week since I was abducted by my friends in 
the saucer, but I'm finally coming out with 
my story.  I am awaiting to be approached by 
several top notch magazines including the 
National Inquirer and The Star for this story, 
but I will turn them all down.  I want the 
people of the world to have this story for 
free on the internet.  I had recently moved 
from  Vermont to this fair town. On this 
particular night I took the liberty of going 
outside to gaze at the celestial wonders of 
the Alaskan night.  Being a novice at observing 
the northern lights, I was not taken by suprise 
when the sky began to glow with an intense 
radiant white light.  At first I believed that 
I had simply observed a fluke of nature.  Yes a 
fluke, but none the less a splendid display of 
natures power.  It was only when the metallic 
object descended from the midst of the light 
cloud, that I began to question whether this 
was mother nature alone.  Sure enough this 
object hovered imposingly above my head.  I 
stood my ground entranced by some symbiotic 
energy of fear and curiosity combined.  When 
the beam of light, spectral in appearance 
surronded me, I finally came to my senses and 
began to run.  Paralysis ensued; my mind went 
blank.  I awoke at midnight, March 22nd.  I 
remembered nothing after the paralysis.  I 
entered my house and decided to record this 
event in my daily journal.  I looked at the 
clock on the microwave flashing green in the 
night.  I read 12:08 am.  Again this story is 
truthful.  Why would I take this chance by 
sharing this experience with the world for a lie.  
I looked at my watch and sure enough it read 
midnight.  Clearly there is more at work here 
than meets the eye. Draw your own conclusions and 
be aware.

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