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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 23:24:17

location: Festus Mo. 68 miles.s of St Louis

date: 1994- July

time: 10:00-p.m.

sighting: While setting out side on a 
summer night,(no moon) was quite dark, 
my son-in law, my daughter, and myself 
and my husband.
While looking for shooting stars,a large 
object,"JUST" came.
It was the size of a football field, in 
the shape of triangle, It was just hanging 
there above the tree tops.
There was no wind,no sound,no moon, and my 
husband and I watched it for at least ten 
min. And it watched us. Then when it begin 
to move, there was no sound.There was a red 
light on the botton. It passed over the top 
of the house,and still no sound,until it 
began to move fast, then we heard a humming 
sound. I will tell you also, we see things 
like this a lot on the farm,and have for 
the pass 13 years
 But this is the largest we have ever seen, 
and we will never forget it.

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