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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 23:02:53 GMT
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Location: Joplin, MO

Date: spring/summer '94

Time: after 10:00

Sighting: I was kind of young when this happened (4th gr.), so I'm not sure
if it was something I actually saw, or just my imagination (I'm pretty sure
I did see it though). But I had gone outside really late, just to see the
stars, I have always been interested in astrology and the possibility of
aliens. I was standing in my drive way, looking up at the sky. I noticed
something odd about a group of what I first thought were stars, they didn't
look like the others. Instead of being a bright whitish-yellow color, the
were a pale shade of yellow. I agree that that isn't too odd, but the fact
that they were in a bunch is what caught my eye. I stared up at the yellow
dots, realizing that they weren't just "bunched" together, bit they were in
a ring. I then noticed that they were moving, slowly at first, but then it
began to pick up speed. I was young, and I had heard stories of being
abducted, so I got scared and ran back into the house. About 15 min. later,
I got up the nerve to take my camera out and take a picture, but when I went
back out, it was gone. I'e only told a few people about it, and they all
just looked at me funny and asked if it might of been and airplane or
possibly a T.V. or radio antenna, but I'm sure it wasn't, because it made no
sound like and aircraft, and it's lights were yellow, not red like TV or
radio station antennas. Although, it's not my place to say that it was an
UFO, but my oppinion is: it was!



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