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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by (GTGOO7@AOL.COM)
on Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at 22:57:51
location: SANDIEGO,CA
date: 8/25/88
time: 130:AM

sighting: I was walking home from a friends house because i had missed my ride, when i stopped to rest on a bridge that spanned a wide creek the bridge was behind a local highschool and that area is usually empty at night except for the occasional illegal alien or border patrol passsing by. after resting a while i walked slowly across the bridge and gazed at the stars as i often do. i was lost in thought when i was snapped out of it by a bright light i noticed moving across the sky it was very high and the sky was pretty clear so i could see it clearly. at first i thought it was a satelite and i was about to turn away when it suddenly stopped. needless to say i was startled because even though it had stopped in space it was now directly over me, it suddenly flared up brighter than any star and then it began to move again then it stopped. this eratic behavior led me to believe i was viewing a ufo and i said this aloud to myself and as i was stareing at this glowing moving object in the sky thats when something trully amazing and frightening happened. the second i said the word ufo to myself the glowing object shot away at incredible speed in seconds it was over the horizon but i did not have time to be amazed at that because i suddenky felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise and i felt someone behind me. i quickly spun around and expected to see someone walking toward me but their was no one there i was just about to chalk up my feeling to nerves when i saw the craft hovering not 100 feet from my position it was the most shocking site i have ever seen its hard to describe but i will try, i know this sounds cliche but its true, it was a round disc shaped craft about 35-40 feet in diameter and about 15 feet high it had a squared off top with a row of windows around it the windows were very thick but i could see a dimm yellow light coming from inside there was also a row of lights around the middle of the craft and it had 4 round bubble-like objects portuding from underneath, it was hovering about 6 feet off the ground if you could call it hovering, i know this sounds strange but it appeared to be coming out of hole in the air beside it. in other words it was 90% there and the rest was transparent or invisible or something it looked like it was coming out a doorway in the air. i know this sounds weird that i could notice all this detail but i was standing on that bridge for 15 minutes in front of the craft waiting for it to do something, i know this because even though i was enitially scared i still looked at my watch to have point of reference if anything happened to me. i continued to observe the craft untill it completely came out of the hole which promptly closed, then i slowly moved closer to it trying to convince myself that it was really happening i looked around hoping to see a car or person coming so that i would not be the only eyewitness but sadly no one came. the encounter lasted so long that i began to think that i was imagining it all so i approached thwe craft looking for a rock so i could throw it at the ship to see if i could hear an impact sound. ( i know that was a stupid thing to think of but at the time i was not thinking cleary. )i finally found a rock and was about to throw it at the craft wich was about 60 feet from me now but i never got the chance because as i raised my hand i saw dark humanoid shapes appeaer at the crafts windows and that stopped me in my tracks, i could no longer deny that this was a real craft i was seeing and as i came to this realization the craft began to levitate up at an angle to my left. and then i understood what i had seen before , the ship began to turn invisible there was some kind of ripple effect that started at the back of the craft and swept forward slowly making the ship dissappear allthough i could still see a distortion in the air kind of like a heatwave on a hot day. the ship eventually dissappeared but i followed the distortion as it went into low clouds and parted them as it passed through them i continued to watch untill i couldnt make it out anymore. i know this sounds like the ravings of someone who has seen too many startrek shows but it is all true, i probably wouldnt believe it either except it happened to me. i will be glad to answer any qusetions or comments on this subject. p.s. this was not my only ufo encounter my brother and i saw one a few years later.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}