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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 19:41:41 GMT
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Name: Jay

Location: 4 corners area, southwest US

Date: 1980

Time: 3 am

Sighting: We had left Mexican Hat,UT at midnight, on a warm July night, 1980.
We had planned on camping just outside Page, AZ, but when someone had taken
our reserved spot, we decided to keep going. We decided to rest in Las Vegas,
NV. It was a beautiful clear night with a zillion stars and a small horn of
a moon. There was no traffic, and we made good time across the desert. I
was in the passenger's seat looking out and trying to see by the light of the
stars when I saw on star getting bigger on the horizon. It grew from a
pin-point to about the size of a basketball when my friend Bill, who was
driving, began to stare at it too. My eyes never left the bright light, and
I felt when Bill had taken his foot off of the gas pedal. The light
continued to grow larger, then the car began to shudder and die. The next
thing I remember is "waking up" as if I were snapping out of a daydream. Now
I was driving, I had not buckled my seatbelt as was my habit, and the sun was
rising. Instead of heading west toward Nevada, we were going south. A sign
indicated that we were 20 miles to Prescott. I don't remember changing
drivers or direction. I only remember being terrified of the bright ball of



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