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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, October 11, 1997 at 15:06:13
name: Ian Brownlee
location: Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
date: 9th October 1997
time: PM

sighting: I have had a couple of personal sightings which I will share some other time. However, I was talking to a friend this evening, who certainly is not the type of person to make up a story and as a matter of fact is sceptical of UFO's. She was telling me of an experience that she, her husband and two other friends experienced on Friday evening (9th). It was as follows: They saw an object travelling from south to north over the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia (west of Sydney). It was low in the sky and travelling very fast at a constant speed. It was lime green in appearance with a very short trail. A few moments later a man walked by and they said "Did you see that - in the sky" He told them that late in the afternoon he saw a UFO in the same vicinity. They all stayed in the area for some time in the hope of seeing another sighting, but alas it did not return.
I know the other people that were with her, so I'll talk to them and find out their story and report back.

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