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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, October 12, 1997 at 00:42:24
name: M.J.B.
location: Berlin, CT U.S.A
date: 10-11-97
time: 12:15 AM

sighting: I was driving home from my girl friend's house, and it was a perfectly clear night. I saw a blue dot on the horizon, suddenly in was no more than 100 yards in front of my car. I turned my stereo off and opened my windows and moon roof to listen for an engine, but I heard absolutely nothing. The hazey blue circle suddenly moved to my right at what seemed to be at least the speed of sound, but it made no noise. It moved so fast, I had a tough time watching it. It then slowed down and began to move up and down like the image of a heart beat on a machine in a hospital. I took a right at the end of the road to follow it, just then it disappeared into the stars. I drove a little farther and got out of my car to try to look for the object, but I had no luck. After I spead home and ran inside and told everyone. All night I had this strange new feeling that someone or something was watching me, even as I write this, the day after the incident. My sighting changed my life, no matter what others say, if they believe me or not, nothing can ever convince me that we are alone here,

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