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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 23:21:57
name: Jane Derry
location: DeFuniak Springs, Florida, USA
date: 1984, June or July
time: 9 pm

sighting: I was at Phyllis's house, and sitting on her bed, listening to the radio. She was across the room, typing in her book. And I was reading something that she's already typed out. She writes stories about other planets. She doesn't know it, but I think she channels them, because she has no idea where all the information comes from. But she is certain of the facts. She's not making it up, this is the way it is, she claims all the time. So... I was reading, and all of a sudden the regular radio station went off, there was a few moments of static, and then I found myself listening to some odd sort of language. Seemed rather like what you'd hear on a CB unit, or a Ham radio. Only this was not an earth sort of language! It had a real odd sound to it, nothing like anything I'd ever heard before. Really strange. This went on for about two minutes, maybe three, and I didn't move, I just listened to it. Didn't have the urge to do anything but listen. Then the conversation between the two ended, and there was more static, and then the regular station was back on again, in the middle of a song that must have been going for at least a minute. I turned then, to look at Phyllis, and she was still typing away at her manuscript. I asked if she'd heard that, and she asked me what? I told her that the radio was acting odd, hadn't she heard that? She told me no. And went back to her typing. She hadn't heard a thing!!! I was floored. I got up and was going to go outside to look around, only when I got to the front door, I saw Sammy, my dog, cowering in his dog house. He never cowers! I went out onto the porch, looked around, and was going to step off the porch, when I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I smelled something that was horrible, raunchy! And then I backed up, and went back into the house. I wasn't going to go out there! I was scared for Sammy, but nothing happened to him. Less than a week later, Billy got pictures of some of the greys! He had the film developed, only some men came and took them from him. Men wearing black suits. They said they worked for the govt., so he had to give them to them. Billy was pissed. Said he wasn't going to do that anymore. He'd take poloroids, so that no one would know he had the pics. What was odd to me was, he went out onto the porch, and saw a tall grey eating cat food! Said that the cats were having fits! That was their food! He went back in and got his camera, before the man could get away, and shot a pic of him on the porch. He said that it looked like it had been in a fight, his outfit was torn and dirty. So he told him that he could eat all the cat food that he wanted. The man finished the food and left. Billy put more out, in case he wanted to come back for more. I can't imagine why he'd want to eat that stuff, it wasn't even a good brand. Yuk! But Billy felt sorry for him. He told me that it wasn't the only time he'd seen the grays. Out where he lives, they are well off the beaten track.


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