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From: Jerry Martinez

Subject: Sightings

Hi, my name is Jerry! About 14 years 
ago, two friends and I waere walking
home, when we all felt a strong but 
very quiet breeze. It was all really
weird because we all looked up at the 
same time, and all saw the same
thing. A huge ring, but not round, 
and it was see through. It looked like
carnival lights in a elongated circle. 
I can't really explain it very good,
because at the time we all ran like 
hell to my parents house! We were very
scared to say the least, but I could 
never forget the feeling! I live in
Idaho, and people are pretty conservative, 
so I don't say to much, but I do not 
make things up! So anyway, after reading 
this, I would really appreciate your 

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World