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Name :Kat
Location :Tahoka Texas
Date :November 1973 or 1974
Time :Between 9:00 and 10:00 PM.

I was with my mom, sister and brothers and was returning home from a basketball game. We were heading east on the road between Tahoka and Post Texas. We lived about 15 miles out of town. It was a cloudy night. Just on the outskirts of town past the last store, we spotted approx. 7 to 8 round disks in the clouds. They were heading west toward town. The clouds seemed to be glowing a sort of a reddish color. As we approached the round disks they started to pace the car. They stayed to the side of the car in a diagonal formation. While they were pacing us I remember a whitish light shining on us and the surrounding area. Mom and I(my brothers and sister were asleep in the back of the station wagon)began to watch them and thinking they were Border Patrol helicopters. We could not here any sounds from them and it was an unusually quiet night. Also they seemed to come to a complete stop and hover as if they were looking for something. They never left the cover of the clouds. They then continued to pace our car. We were traveling approx. 30 miles per hour and it normaly takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get home. We had watched the lights for about fifteen minutes and mom and I began to worry about not reaching the house where the farm hands lived, which was about 13 miles out of town and just 2 miles away from where we lived. It seemed like we had'nt yet traveled even half the distance to our house. Our car was moving but we wern't getting anywhere. When we finally began to panic the disks just winked out. One minute we were looking at them the next minute there was nothing there. The strangest part of the whole incident is after the disks winked out we arrived at our house.
Interviewer notes:
Possible lost time.
Possible abduction.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}