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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, September 8, 1997 at 01:43:52
location: Ketchum Id
date: 1990
time: 2am

sighting: My friend and I were going back to Idaho State University where we were students. We had been visiting some of her family. It was like 2 a.m in the morning. I was driving. I pulled onto the main highway that would take us back to Pocatello, through the desert and as I did so I saw flashes of light behind me. It looked like a cops lights so I slowed down. The lights disappeared because the highway dipped down and there was a slight hill. My friend was asleep in the car beside me. I was very unfamiliar with this part of the state and it was very dark, but I assumed that this highway was one in which the traffic went all the same direction. I don't know why I thought that but it was a shock to learn this after this whole event was over. Anyway, I had been on this highway for about 10 minutes when three lights appeared very low across the ground behind the car and across the entire road. The lights were very odd and they did not shine in that splintery way that other car lights do. They were very clear and very bright. They were matching the same speed as my vehicle but much have been about 50 yards behind me. It was as if someone had put a sticker in my rearview mirror because I would speed up and slow down and these lights continued to match my speed. I put on the brakes and they disapeared. They reappeared and again, minus putting on the brakes, it matched my speed. This time before I put on my brakes I woke my friend and told her about it she turned around and when she did the lights went out from behind me. She thought I was crazy because she didn't see anything, but I saw them go out. I woke her the third time I saw them and told her to turn around slowly. She did and this time she saw them. She just about flipped out. We both watched the lights and I showed her the speeding up and slowing down trick and she was amazed. The lights changed colors three times from white to green to pink to yellow and then back to white again. After the white the three white spheres went into one large one and followed us for some time before it just went out. We had not seen any other cars on the highway that night. We got home to our dorm and I slept on the floor of her room. We checked for missing time and all that stuff but nothing other than this event was out of the ordinary. The next day we saw the news and there was aobut 19 other reports of similarity in the same general area. We didn't make a report then and I haven't had the oportunity to make one, aside that of telling my friends verbally, until now.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}