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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, September 11, 1997 at 00:05:39
name: Ron
location:Boston, MA
date: July 12, 1997
time: 6:20 PM Eastern

sighting: I have captured on videotape, approximately 60 seconds, of what I would describe as three anomalous "objects" over the city of Boston, MA. The footage begins with one or more of the "objects" traveling at an incredibly fast speed over the skyline of Boston. It continues a second or two later with one of the "objects" travelling at a much slower speed, emerging from the right of the frame, on the far side of the Tobin Memorial Bridge (the footage was shot from Chelsea, MA, about three miles from the city of Boston) and travels toward, up and over the Prudential Tower, and then down and parallel to the top of the Hancock tower, then travels upward into what I would describe as a "power-climb" and off to the left of the screen, and disappears. The second "object" emerges also from the right of the frame, and takes a more direct route across the center of the frame, and disappears. But, at the same time the second "object" appears, a third appears beneath the second, and this one is much closer--on the near side of the Bridge. It travels up and down, and disappears behind a stand of trees---only to appear again on the left side of the frame, from behind the trees, merely three blocks from the camera!!! I have already applied for copyright protection, and have some people analyzing the footage now. I can only verify this, by allowing you to see the footage, as I did not report it to local authorities.