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Subject:UFO Sightings
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 13:08:19 -0700
From: "Jose"

Hello !

I want to tell you about a couple of ufo encounters in Stockholm a couple of
years ago. The first time i saw a ufo was over a small town just outside of
the capital of Stockholm named Kista (Europes answer to Sillicon Walley).

I was 15 years old in june of 1978 and (dont know the exact day) returning
from a visit at the new school i supose to enter after my summer vacation.
It was early afternoon and the clock was betwen 2-4pm. The sunrays
reflections against the rotating crafts metal shaped body made me turn
my head to the right and overlooking the skies over Kista. It was a sunny
summer day with very few clouds. The craft was going from south to north
flipping end over end in a slow moving motion.

The object was flat looking, more like a coin wathing it from the
side. The ufo was rotating in a strait line over the sky just like a
propeler or a coin flipped up in the air by a thumb but with mutch slower
speed. I manage to follow it with my eyes for a few seconds before it
vanished in the mid air.

Next observation i had was when going i a car just a few years ago with my
friends. Just for a breef moment between some trees and woods while riding
in a car i manage to get a glimp of the Tv tower in Stockholm
(Kaknästornet). I cant belive this is happening to me i remember thinking to
myself. A big ball shaped object is hanging over the tower.

There i was, in the car with my friends, and im the only one looking at that
direction. Í was shouting to the driver to stop the car but it was
inpossible to do it couse we were driving on the higway with other cars and
vehicels around. The shape of the object was round and had no sharpe edges,
it was kind of blured. The color was orange glowing and it was pretty big

It was raining that night so the sky was one big dark heavy cloud. the
objects orange glow illuminated the clouds obove it. This was all i saw
before some tree and woods covered the sight for me. The exact dates of the
event i can not give, but i remember that it was at the begining of the
1990:s. We were four persons in the car, but only one wittnes, It was late
in the evening, betwen 4-7 o clock and the rain was pouring down. It was
atum and cold outside.

Here is some drawings i made of my observations.

regards Jose






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