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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 18:45:11 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Karen
Location: Hobbs NM
Date_of_Sighting: Summer 1993
Time_of_Sighting: night
i apologize, i don't have specific details, it's been quite
some time now. i am now in san francisco, but when i came
across your site from artesia, i knew you would be able to
appreciate this. almost everyone i know from new mexico has
seen something strange, and i get teased about it quite
frequently now in other parts of the country where people
don't realize that this is a common phenomena in new mexico.
i share this in the hopes that no one else will feel strange
or doubt what their eyes are seeing.
i was outside alone, sitting on a car in a friend's driveway
facing west. i was just watching the stars when a bright
yellowish-orange dot, larger than any star up there, began
to sort of drift back and forth, in a lazy sort of way. it
then took off a great distance to the south, then just as
suddenly back to its same position in the north. at this
time, i experienced a severe case of adrenaline dizziness,
and it disappeared, although i could not give specific
details as to how, i was so disoriented. i ran inside and
was screaming and scared the daylights out of my friends
and was blabbering on incoherently. when i calmed down
enough to talk, they were quite freaked out.
what frightens me, is that i was alone out there, and really
have no idea how long i was out there. the whole event was
very surreal.

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