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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Levittown, PA  U.S.A.
DATE-Sighting : March 18, 1997
TIME-Sighting : 4:08 AM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report :
 I don't know if this is really a UFO sighting or 
a natural phenomenon I can't explain.  As an amateur 
astronomer I had my scope out in the early morning 
hours to look at Hale-Bopp.  I really didn't need my 
scope, it was so huge.
Suddenly,  I observed a flare which glowed orange right 
off of the comet.  The glow stayed for a few seconds 
then seemed to disappear or maybe burn out.  Since, I 
know so many people were observing the comet during this 
time, when it occurred I tried calling one of the comet 
message telephone numbers in the "Astronomy Magazine" 
to ask if anyone else saw it, and to explain what it 
was.  No one ever responded to my question after I left 
the message.  I was wondering if anyone out there,  saw 
it too, or could at least explain what I saw. The flare 
seemed to come out of the side of the comet, opposite to 
its tale, and it was as big as the comet itself.  (I'm 
not in any cults like "Heaven's gate", I am a 
Professional Nurse.  It was also much slower than a usual 
meteor, and it really didn't extend out too much further 
than a few comet lengths.

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