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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 01:30:48
name: Mario
location: Glendale, CA
date: 1995-fall
time: 9:00pm approx

sighting: My girlfriend at the time and I were up at Sholl Canyon Park in Glendale CA, we don't remember what we were doing there, the main memory that I have is this. I was standing in the middle of the street by the tennis courts, facing east, looking in the sky and I was saying shhh, shhh be quiet! I wanted to hear what I couldn't explain to myself. My girlfriend wasn't even near me to make noise, when I looked to confirm that she was seeing what I was seeing, she was about 50 yards a way facing east up above the sidewalk on the dirt hill, at that time it didn't occur to me to say , What are you doing over there? What I saw in the sky, I thought were 3 different helicopters, I wanted to hear the blades to offer me an explaination! I DID NOT HEAR ANYTHING, it was silent! completely no noise,I mean from anywhere, no cars, no people, no nothing! It was moving too slow to be airplanes, that's why my first thought was helicopters. Three red lights in a triangle form traveling north into Burbank with two white lights moving with it, the white lights I actually thought landed in the Burbank airport, because thats where I lost the view. I now think I saw not three red objects, but rather 1 huge outline of a single object, i.e, the three red lights. I can't help but wonder, if we were looking at something that perhaps, dropped us off? Sounds crazy, I know, no memory exsists prior to that sighting, I couldn't tell you how we got up there, why we were up there (at the park) I can't even tell you where we parked our only truck, that simply is absent in me. All this is in retrospect, I was flooded with these memories when I heard about the Heavens Gate people. I contacted my ex-girlfriend to confirm my memory, she said I drew a picture and I documented the time and day, apparently she has those in her possesion.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}