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Methods of filming UFO (S)

Methods of filming UFO's FAQ v1.0

What is Sun Blocking method?
Filming behind a building or object to block the Sun.
You must film close to the Sun but NOT with the sun directly in view.

What is IR method?
Modifying a camcorder or camera to film in the infra red spectrum.
Some people put a IR filter over the front lens or remove the ir cutoff lens, while others modify camcorders, especially the famous Sony night-shot cameras to film in the IR spectrum.

What is Traditional Night Vision method?
Attaching a camcorder to the back lens of a night scope- gen 1,2,3. A more expensive way is to attach a night vision tube between the camera and the outside lens of the camera.

What is the NEW Digital Night Vision?
This is a exciting new development recently. The most popular camera atm is the YUKON Ranger 5x42 digital night scope. These cameras do not use old fashioned light generating tubes, instead they amplify the signal using sophisticated digital techniques. In moderately light polluted areas it is still possible to see many stars along with your object of interest.

What is Low LUX CCD method?
The use of very low lux cameras, usually security cameras. Watec brands are popular, especially Watec 902H2 Ultimate. These cameras are useful for imaging very fastevents via automated capture software such as UFOCapture application.

What is UFOCapture software?
UFOCapture is software developed by a "genius" in Japan. He has developed a complete package of software apps that can image and then track meteors. UFOCapture is used by many to capture fast moving UFO's. The authors English speaking site in Japan is

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