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From: "M & J B."
Subject: Sending in UFO sightings from Pacaccini in Brazil
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 15:57:31 -0600
I have some Brazilian UFO sightings from Pacaccini that 
should go on your Listing.  I'll send them to your 
data base.  
I have always wondered where they came 
from.  It is plain that it was a DISK.  It was not a 
bomb, rocket, or plane.  Only a disk will skip into 
the air like that did upon impact.  Other shaped 
objects tend to dig in when they make such a steep 
dive into the ground.  A bomb will sometimes bounce, 
but not that high and far.  That film seems to suggest
that UFOs are built quite solid.
M Buitron

Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Mias Gerais Area, Brazil
DATE-Sighting : Late August
TIME-Sighting : PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
Taken from an Email from Vitório Pacaccini:
        Dear Mr.Buitron ,
(picture no longer available) I'm sending to you know was taken at 
the end of August; some friends of mine were spending 
some good time in a farm about 23 kms [east] far from 
my home town [at the south of Mias Gerais State] - Tres
Coracoes [the famous soccer player "Pele"was born there] .  
At night they made a fire ,they were playing guitar and 
singing - just having fun ; when one of them took his 
camera[a regular one] to take some pictures of the group 
but ,all of a sudden, he saw a weird luminous object
flying fast far behind the group - he could take only one 
picture and alert the people to turn around to see that 
because ,right after this, the flying object turned off 
its lights  and, nobody could spot it again in the dark 
sky .

Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
DATE-Sighting : Some months before 4-98
TIME-Sighting : PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
From an Email from Pacaccini
I have received some months ago a video from Rio de Janeiro 
city; the lady who sent me this video had gone to the 
"GALEAO" International Airport of Rio de Janeiro at night - 
to wave goodbye to her daughter, who was going abroad. When 
her daughter got inside the airplane, this lady went to the 
outskirts of the airport with her VHS camera, in order to 
film the airplane[where her daughter had boardered] that was 
just about to take off - heading europe. All of a sudden, 
this lady saw a strange object hovering over "GALEAO" 
airport. She immediately pointed out her camera to this 
object and started shooting. She could shoot this object for 
about 10 seconds - then, it vanished.
The video has a reasonable quality. I've frozen some frames 
of it and have taken some  directly from my 
TV screen - just to share with you what she[the lady]have 
seen. I didn't know that although the  is quite good 
on TV screen, my digital camera would capture so much 
interference[like an electronic whirl]. Therefore, even 
knowing that the digital pictures I've taken, don't have 
good resolution - I'll give you the chance to take a look 
at it.
In a certain moment, the object blinks a light on the top 
and on the botton of its fuselage. So, what apparently 
seems to be an image distortion, in fact, is the exact 
moment when it blinks[up and down]. 

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