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Subject: UFO connection to FBI alien woman Alabama 1939
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:08:30 +1300
From: Ron

The alien woman is the Universal Mother who brings about in space the
spacebirth which is the second coming.Mother of all UFO Sightings.
Place of refuge prepared for the Universal Mother {alien Woman,
sightings,UFO's.FBI report Alabama July 1939}. Mother Joining together
Nostradamus end time date 3797 which is Genesis 37:9:7 dream of
Joseph,first and last to Rev.12.Shown as Cusp of the ages by
Levi.Aquarian Gospel.
Message Shown from Abyss.It was the female volcano that sucked in the
water and put out the fire on Mars.
Womans equality comes from the upper and lower springs.New Gate to wit
My Mummy.
1975 at the home of Ed.Winchester USA Treasury.I was introduced to a
policeman.I sent to this policeman a telepathic message,who received
this message in its entirety each thought process was as one.Thus
connected by the USA the reunification between the alien mother of
Alabama and son from space 18th.July 1942.Now you know why Ed
volunteered the information.
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