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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:56:07 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: Nora T.
Location: North-Norway
Date_of_Sighting: Dont know -
Time_of_Sighting: Some years ago
Sorry if my english is bad.
I was at my grandmother, (I was about 9 years), and I sat at 
the top at her fridge and looked out the window.
I saw a round, yellow\orange thing with wery brigt yellow\orange 
(some darker colour) spots that shot out some yellow light.that 
went slow to the right in about three\four seconds, and so it 
I dont know if it was an "Alien-Spaceship"or an comet I saw, 
cause I dont really know what it was.
     I saw on Discovery Channel today that and old couple from 
USA have seen almost the same thing that I saw, when they were 
out for a trip with their car. I am almost sure it was the same 
thing I saw some years ago.
     My grandmother (neighbour)have also seen an UFO,
(may 10-15 years ago) (she dont know what it is, and dont like if 
people know about it, cause she thinks people is going to thinks 
she is crazy if they know about it.) But here is her  story : 
She was going to take my mom and dads dog out for a walk. When 
she looked up, she saw an green light from the mountains. It went 
slowly "down the mountain", it was not a sound, and suddenly it 
went high up in the air and disiapeared behind the moantain, in a 
wery high speed. She dont know wath to belive, cause she dont 
really belive in aliens and stuff. But in the some days ago, it 
was in the newspapers that they had reported an green light in 

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