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UFO Oct. 14, 2009

Big Bright Orange Oval UFO filmed Oct. 14, 2009 by me from my back yard in Artesia New Mexico!
I am about to post to youtube a REAL UFO I just filmed. I was laying on my lawnchair as usual looking for any unusual objects to film. I had the night scope/jvc camera next to me. From over the top of me from behind me came this HUGE oval orange object. I switched the camera on as fast as I could. By that time the object was by the trees in front of me. I was able to film some of it. It was so frikin bright it easily shown through the trees! I jumped up as you can see from the video and tried to get a lock on it again. I was able to film it some more as it passed from the trees then in front of the house. I would of run to the front but unfortunately earlier the battery went dead and I was plugged into the power cord, or I defiantly would have. I hope someone else in this area got it on tape. It was huge, about the size of the moon but was oval shaped. It appeared to be a dark orange in the middle and light orange on the outer. This I am sure would of looked great with a color camcorder, but you see I was using night vision and it was green. I feel super lucky to even get any of it!
I was facing east the object flew silently over me going west. Time was approximately 21:56 hrs.

Reported it to MUFON case number is 19950.

OK here are some illustrations I have done. They look similar but not exact. I did the best I could with paint shop pro app. That is not my back yard, but is a computer generated scene from the program Starry Night back yard. It was generated to portray the exact time- 2156 hrs at Oct. 14, 2009.

Generated with Starry Night Back Yard software.

Simular but not exact. I don't think I have ever seen the colors I had seen that night before.
There is a MUFON investigator coming soon here.
Now for the best, the actual video using night vision so it is green.

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