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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 09:03:17
name: Jamie
location: Perth/WA/Australia
date: 1982
time: 1100pm

sighting: I had gone to the Beechline drive in in Beechboro with a mate after we had been playing a cricket match (so this happened in summer on a saturday). It was part way into the second show when we noticed about 12 red lights in the distance over the Darling Scarp. (about 15 - 20 km away) The thing we noticed was the way that they moved... they sort of moved about each other, in a winding manner then they would shoot out so fast that all you could see was a red line in the sky for each one (bloody fast!!!!) this went on for about 20 minutes, until all but one of them went straight up... disappearing from our view. The final one moved in a NW direction... we guessed that it must have passed quite close to RAAF Base Pearce, it continued in this direction (quite slowly... yet faster than an airplane would) till it also disappeared. The next day I telephoned RAAF Base Pearce and asked about air traffic that night... when asked to explain I told this same story. They were not interested at all, and told me that there had been nothing unusual on Radar or reported, and that I probably saw aircraft. I KNOW that it wasn't aircraft they can't do what those lights did.

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