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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report

LOCATION : Silverdale, Auckland, NZ
DATE-Sighting : 23 Feb 1998
TIME-Sighting : 4:00am

This is your Submitted Sighting Report :
My name is Phill Matthias. I live on a farm located in
the centre of a medium to large valley, 25 minutes north
of Auckland city. At 2:00 am on the morning of Feb 23,
1998, I stepped outside for what seemed like 10 or 15
minutes, to look at the stars. Whist gazing in wonder at
the night sky, I noticed a solitary cloud in a relatively
clear sky moving with some speed toward me. There was no
breeze. What fascinated me was that this cloud was
circular (horizontally) had a dark mass and appeared to
have flashing white light appearing from within the base
of the cloud. At this point I will relate that I am
standing in my garden facing north over hills. To the
south a few kilometres away there is a small airfield.
The object under observation has approached from the
north, from an altitude of several thousand feet, and
descends to a hieght of about 500 feet when finally
overhead. Now, back to the event... As the cloud drew
closer it became cleare that the cloud was actually some
kind of camouflage for an aircraft of some sort. As the
object, which now seemed to be flying at a very low
speed, passed overhead I could clearly see the form of
the craft within the cloud. The cloud was very thick
around the sides and over the top but the bottom of the
craft was clearly visible. What I saw appeared to be
dark grey in colour, triangular or boomerang in shape,
a single red light on the starboard wing and two
circles of white lights, one within the other, in the
centre of the belly. The very centre of this was very,
very pitch black. There were no visible markings. The
centre circle of lights were all white, co-joined and
two or three of these lights were strobing. The outer
circle of lights were white also but these were evenly
spaced apart. "What the f**k is that!?" was my total
reaction. I then felt compelled to run around the
house to observe further but suddenly (and quite out
of character I might add) I experienced a strong
feeling of fear and decided to go to bed and forget
about it. As I returned to my room I glanced at the
clock and saw that it was now 4:00am. Two hours had
elapsed! I shook my head and tried to reason that I
must have made a mistake but it just didn't figure.
I went to bed and had a rapid and deep sleep. I am
an artist and have been able to recapture this event
in pictures.
I can be reached at PO Box 47116, Ponsonby, Auckland,NZ.
My mobile phone number is ___ ___ ____. This is a true
event and I do not propose to identify this unidentified
flying object except to say that it looked like a
superplane or space shuttle or something that is very,
very, very high tech.
Thank you for listening.

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