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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 15:39:34
name: Phil
location: Seattle,Washington
date: 5/30/97
time: 11:15pm

sighting: While sitting in my living room talking with a friend on the phone, I was looking through a large window facing west. I noticed a small light as if a plane was approaching the airport which they frequently do over Queen Anne Hill in the Heart of Seattle. It seemed to be roughly a mile away. It didn't move until suddenly, it made a noise like a fighter jet, with a slightly different sound than I was used to, for approximately 2 seconds, then shot northwest & was gone. It moved entirely too fast for a jet & the sound didn't linger. 5 minutes later I witnessed another unusual sighting from the same window. With another friend on the phone, I was drawn by something flying by which made me stand up & walk to the window. I was describing everything to my friend on the phone. These objects which to me, looked like birds, flew by from north to south about 100 yards from my window. 1, 2, then a flock of these objects flew by, then disappeared. The unusual character of these things were they were shining bright gold as if they were glowing from within. I was wondering if a bright light from behind my apartment bldg. was shining on them, but nothing else had a peculiar glow to it. This was my first experience with anything like this before. I'm still trying to find a web site to see if any other Seattle residents saw anything resembling this when I did. Could you help me on this? Thanks!

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