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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, July 1, 1997 at 01:07:55
name: gregory cyr
location: plymouth, mass, usa
date: late summer 1993
time: approx. 9:30pm?

sighting: although i've never heard of any sightings in massachusetts, a recent report on t.v., about a sighting in arizona, prompted me to revisit this event in my head.

Two friends and myself, were walking home from a supermarket through powerlines in Plymouth, when four yellow lights in the sky caught all our eyes at the same time. Four lights, looked to be about a 1/2 mile apart from each other, all traveling at the same speed,(slowly), and in the same direction. At a certain point in the sky, the one in front began to fly straight up. When the second light reached the same point, it too started flying straight up. The third and fourth light followed this pattern, all reaching the same point before heading up. At this time, we started throwing around the idea that ,"hey, maybe those are u.f.o.'s". But as they continued straight up, we noticed that they were not changing direction at all. they were flying right out of the earth's atmosphere. The lights got smaller and smaller until they were too small to see. Now we were sure we had seen "other than human built" crafts. They were totally silent, as were we, watching from the ground.

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